Referrer FAQ's

Who is eligible for Green Prescription?

Nuku Ora and the 3DHBs classify Green Prescription priority groups as Māori and Pasifika, including pregnant women, Tamariki and those living in areas of high deprivation. Sport Wellington has a 70% Māori and Pasifika referral target.

Outside of these priority groups, eligibility also applies to anyone in the community who is currently inactive (less than 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week) and is ready for intensive support with healthy eating, movement and wellbeing.

To enquire about the status of a client’s referral, you can email

What are the referral targets?

The total annual referral target for Green Prescription is 2,056.

What support is available for my client?

Nuku Ora adapts service level based on need, taking into consideration the client’s situation and their preferences. We can offer up to 12 months of personalised healthy lifestyle support, which may include:

  • Up to eight consultations, at home, in the community or online
  • Fortnightly contact
  • Goal setting support, based on Te Whare Tapa Wha health model
  • Education and resources to support healthy eating, movement and wellbeing behaviour change
  • Access to monthly roopu/group activities
  • Opportunity to participate in Healthy Lifestyle Programmes and Active Families sessions
  • Support with building community and peer connections

How do I refer?

For Primary Care, secure eReferrals can be made via Healthlink and BestPractice.
Website referrals are available for all healthcare professionals. You can also direct your client to fill
out a self-referral application form.

How and when will I hear about my client’s progress?
  • After an initial consultation a letter outlining the client’s goals will be sent to the client’s GP/referrer
  • At six months, a progress letter will be sent to the client’s GP/referrer
  • When a client graduates the service (usually between six and 12 months) a graduation letter
    will be sent to the client’s GP/referrer outlining progress, and further recommendations.