Leading Leaders

With the current changing, challenging, and complex environment that we’re all operating under, supporting our leaders is more important than ever.

Leading Leaders is a four-month in-person and digital hybrid development programme. Participants attend two in-person two-day residentials in Wellington at the start and end of the course, and access the rest of the content and development through eight online mini-workshops (leadership bites) held in between.

In this programme, you will:

  • Gain deeper insights into your leadership style and strengths, as well as your impact on those you lead and seek to influence (your team, organisation, and community)
  • Understand your potential blind spots, biases and mind traps, and how to avoid these getting in the way of relationships, performance and success
  • Gain practical tools that are immediately applicable to your everyday work, interactions with others and leadership challenges
  • Explore a range of well-researched leadership models and concepts to help navigate complexity, grow your influence, and inspire performance in your teams and organisation
  • Gain a blueprint for how to build a leadership culture and capability within your teams and organisation, based on the Puna Leadership Framework
  • Build a powerful network of peers across a range of sport, recreation and community-based organisations.


This is the third year that Nuku Ora has run this programme. Limited to 15 places, participants tend to be from RSTs, RSOs, funders, councils, national sector organisations, government departments, and various community and recreation organisations. 

With two assessment tools conducted prior to the programme (personality assessment and the Sport NZ 360), attendees will get clear insights into how they appear to others day-to-day, how they behave under pressure, what their key values and drivers are, and how others see them. 

As well as developing this strategic self-awareness, one of the key benefits of the programme is the establishment of a supportive cohort with people who understand the unique complexities of sport, recreation, and community-focused work.  

The Leading Leaders Development Programme is part of the Leadership Development System that helps bring the Leadership Framework for Sport and Recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand to life. Presented by Gretchen Young, of Gretchen Young Consulting, and Phil Gibbons, CEO of Nuku Ora, the programme is suitable for CEOs, General Managers, Managers and, anyone aspiring to step up to this level.

If you have any queries regarding the programme, please email Matthewr@nukuora.org.nz 

"The Leading Leaders Programme has given me a deeper understanding of my leadership behaviours and how these impact on myself and others.  This strategic self-awareness has enabled me to grow my strengths and also deliberately change some habits to increase the impact and value of my leadership.”

2019 Leading Leaders participant

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Leading Leaders Course

July - December 2022

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