Gretchen Young, Gretchen Young Consulting

Gretchen is an IECL (Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership) accredited coach in both individual and team coaching. She facilitates a range of leadership development programmes within the sport and recreation sector, the legal services industry, and the public sector. By style she brings significant versatility and a pragmatic, real-world approach to leadership development.

A highly experienced facilitator and coach, Gretchen has a particular interest in coaching individual and team performance, strategic workforce planning, organisational culture, and leadership development.

Prior to her consulting business, Gretchen worked for ten years at Sport NZ, helping boards and CEOs of national and regional sport and recreation organisations with their organisational and leadership development needs. Previous to this, Gretchen was as a senior commercial lawyer, practicing in two of New Zealand’s leading law firms. Gretchen has also served on several non-profit boards including, most recently, Cricket Wellington where she was on the governance committee and chaired the CEO employment committee.

Gretchen was the programme director for Sport NZ’s Chief Executive Leadership Programme and she contributed to the very successful Women in Sport Governance Programme (as the initial project sponsor, and the selection panel for scholarships, and as a coach). Gretchen was also a mentor on the “Women in Sport Leadership Programme” run by the New Zealand Olympic Committee and was part of the steering group for the initial programme set-up.


Phil Gibbons, CEO, Nuku Ora

Like you, Phil has seen the word leadership acted out in numerous ways over the years. Is it all about charisma and optimism? Appointment and authority? Is it meant only for the one or two who become the boss? Or is there a different story?

With over four decades of leadership experience, coaching, and most importantly real-life experience, inside and outside the NZ Defence Force, his view is different. Phil appreciates that leadership is a moment-to-moment choice and not about title or position. Leadership is for everyone, every day.

Phil led the development of the NZ Defence Force Leadership framework and the system which has at its centre, the NZ Defence Leadership framework and the Institute for Leadership Development. He was not only the architect of the Institute but also its first Director.

Phil is known for his practical, street-savvy understanding; blend of real-life stories and his ability to connect with his audience at an individual level.

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