Nuku Ora’s Leading Teams programme is based on the PUNA Leading Teams content.

Taking place in Wellington with the first residential on 17/18 May and the second residential on 30/31 August with three online sessions through the intervening period, this programme is aimed at improving the leadership capability of those who currently lead teams and/or are emerging leaders.

This programme consists of a mixture of online sessions and full-day in-person workshops so that you get to know the other attendees and form a cohort – we know from the other leadership programmes that we’ve run over the years that the connections you make with your cohort is of huge benefit long after the programme has ended!

The programme will also include a te ao Māori focus on Leadership and te ao Māori culture helping to build a greater bi-cultural awareness and confidence to engage with tikanga and Māori leadership concepts.

Personality testing is included in the programme fee as it’s important as a leader to understand your own behaviours and actions and the impact on those around you of ‘how you show up’ at work.

Leading Teams will provide participants with the tools to:

  • Create an effective team and taking diversity and inclusion into consideration
  • Convey organisational purpose and provide clarity to team members about their roles and the contribution they make
  • Ask questions, give constructive feedback, confidence to face challenges
  • Navigate complexity and understand the prioritisation of tasks and resources
  • Look to the future while also balancing ‘today’s needs’
  • Empower team members, setting clear expectations, milestones, and timeframes
  • Deliver effectively and efficiently and measure success

If you’re interested in receiving more information on Leading Teams once it’s available, please email  or fill up the expression of interest form.

Registrations will open  6 April.