Pre-programme assessments fast-track your learning journey by providing valuable insights into your style and impact. This will then underpin your development plan as you progress through the programme. 

Personality Assessment

Each participant will complete a short, engaging Deeper Signals assessment evaluating your core drivers (strengths) and core values. You’ll receive a personalised feedback report straight after the assessment outlining your behavioural strengths and potential risk areas, and what drives your choices and decisions. 

The Deeper Signals Core Drivers Pro and Core Values assessments are modern and reliable diagnostic tools underpinned by good science and cutting-edge technology. Feedback reports are user-friendly with built-in coaching tips and resources to kick-start self-awareness and the development journey. 

“The personality testing was really eye-opening - I had some idea of the traits specific to me but understanding the degree of them and how my behaviours impact others really led to deeper thinking and reflection.” 

2022 Leading Leaders participant