A shift in staff hauora at Wilford School

28 June 2021

Hauora is a key part of Wilford School's new strategic vision and wants to implement more learning and initiatives within their school to help everyone thrive. Our Nuku Ora Healthy Active Learning Advisors helped the staff realise that they must start with their own hauora journey and ensure their wellbeing is in check before they can truly support their students. The team agreed with this as they reflected on the disruptions and obstacles many faced following 2020.

The Wilford School staff have taken steps to increase their hauora together by allocating time in their teacher-only days for all of 2021, and the Senior Leadership Team will have further sessions on the last week of each term.

Another step taken by the staff has been committing to one wellbeing target per term, re-launching the staff lunchtime walks, free fruit at morning teas and a hauora based icebreaker at the start of syndicate meetings.

The Senior Leadership Team has supported the idea that staff can work from home on their CRT days off and are planning to shorten the next teacher only day to allow for optional planning or hauora time for staff to make the most of.

All of theese actions have originated from our Advisors listening and gathering the voices of staff to see how the school can best support them.

Looking ahead, there are plans to expand the focus of hauora to students later in 2021, especially in how they can teach hauora in health and PE. The staff also plan to utilise a challenge that involves a range of well-being-related tasks that they and students can attempt each week, can implement at home or at school. We cannot wait to check in with Wilford School later in 2021 to see how they are going!


Wilford staff hauora