Healthy Lifestyle Programme: Andrea Faaunga's story.

4 February 2021

In 2020, Andrea Faauga and her whānau were referred to the Green Prescription Active Families programme. She then moved into the Green Prescription programme, which has a particular focus on supporting adults. 

Over the last six months, Andrea has been on a journey to improve her wellbeing. Andrea knows if she can begin healthy changes for herself, it's more likely her family will follow and join her on the journey. One of her challenges was creating new habits. Andrea actively looked for ways to do this, including changing her household grocery list, meal planning and focusing on portion sizes at mealtimes. 

As a busy mum, having go-to meals that were pre-prepared or easy to make was a fantastic way to develop new habits. Now her children are used to water being their first choice as a drink and eating lots of fruit and vegetables due to her creative cooking skills.

Andrea acknowledged that support is a massive factor in behaviour change. Along with her family's help, she appreciates the non-judgemental and welcoming environment in the Healthy Lifestyles Programme. Andrea has enjoyed connecting with others on a similar journey, and sharing lived experiences. The group challenges, ideas and practical tips helped Andrea feel confident and motivated to continue her journey going forward. 

Andrea recently graduated from the nine-week Porirua Healthy Lifestyles Programme, which was in partnership with the Te Rauparaha Arena Fitness Centre and supported by Porirua Union Community Health Service. Highlights of the programme included:

  • weekly links into the community-based activities
  • access to the Cannons Creek pool, the Arena pool, and an Arena gym orientation
  • nutrition education, practical cooking workshops, and learning how to eat healthy on a budget
  • self-development activities based on the Te Whare Tapa Whā model

Our Programme Advisors Tiana Collins and Nicole Hawea enjoyed supporting Andrea's journey, often noticing Andrea going above and beyond to tautoko the group, offering to pick-up others to attend the various activities. Andrea is willing to share her story, including her challenges and successes. We are incredibly proud of Andrea's progress. She will continue to receive our support, and we look forward to seeing where Andrea's journey takes her.