Central Support Model reaches key milestone

28 January 2021
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With great support from the external Central Support project working group, we have momentum for starting up the Wellington region’s first ever Central Support Platform. We have surveyed 150 regional physical activity stakeholders twice in 2020, once in July to establish whether there is an appetite for a Central Support Platform, and again in September to establish the demand for specific services, their current costs, and frequency of consumption.  
Insights from this research is now informing the establishment of the Platform for our region. This service will enable stakeholders to have access to quality, cost effective business support, so they can maximise resource and focus on improving the health and wellbeing of Wellingtonians through physical activity.
The pillars of support available within the platform will be informed from our stakeholder research. The first priority pillar is financial services, which will be established by the end of April 2021. Once this pillar is live, subsequent services will be created in areas such as human resources, information technology, legal, marketing, and procurement.
Sport Wellington is currently recruiting a Central Support Manager to oversee the development, implementation and ongoing management of the Platform.

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