Empowering lead teachers through Cultural Connections and Strand D

19 June 2021

How do we engage our students in meaningful learning and activities that get them involved and interacting with their local community and environment?

This was one question that we aimed to help teachers answer in our recent Health and PE teacher workshop. On Monday 17th May, 17 teachers from around the region gathered at Pelorus Trust Sports House to connect with others and gain more ideas and understanding around our theme ‘Cultural Connections & HPE Strand D’. Some of the highlights from the day included learning and playing cultural games such as Haka Riki, Te Rakau and Runga, Raro, Hama. There was a lot of laughter, fun and exploration going on during these games. Who knew teachers could be so competitive!

Ella Verhoeven from Regional Public Health led a great session which started conversations on how to talk about kai with students using the Te Whare Tapa Wha model. This is a new way of thinking about kai and engaging students in thinking about how food makes them feel, rather than categorising into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. Tania Bartley, our Community Connector, took the teachers through a session using the development of a school pepeha to plan activities and ideas at different locations to help meet the AO’s within Strand D: Healthy Communities and Environments.

The teachers had plenty of time to connect with others from schools both in their local area and wider region, and share the successes they are having, as well as the challenges. Connections were made and new resources explored. Teachers left the workshop buzzing with lots of new ideas to take back to their schools, and we look forward to seeing what they implement and how it all comes together.

Lead Teacher Workshop write up