How to deliver great sessions for participants through creative coaching

29 May 2020
HR Webinar

Russell Earnshaw, former English rugby player and co-founder of the Magic Academy, joined us in our latest webinar to share his innovative approach to learning that involves making learning more relatable to the digital world that youth are exposed to.

"I'm curious about and obsessed with helping people...," Rusty says. "I want to better understand how individuals and teams exceed their dreams, how learning environments are nurtured and what might be possible for us all in the future. How can people live the story they want."

During the webinar Rusty covered: 

  • Learning environments
  • Practice design
  • Coaching craft – coaching individuals (making it individual), co-coaching
  • Gamification – principles to take games-based training to the next level

Watch the full recording:

Connecting with people, starting with the end in mind, and understanding that coaching is completely contextual are three of the key themes Rusty shared during the webinar. He said it's important for coaches to recognise that an athlete's decision-making often reflects our behaviours as coaches - our language. 

Key messages

Key messages learning design 

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Rusty is recognised as a pioneer in the adoption of the ‘gamification’ philosophy to sports coaching. His organisation has developed a number of resources to help coaches around the world understand how to develop great sessions that support participant learning and development through gaming.

Gamification article      Gamification article 2

Download Gamification PDF

More resources

Critical considerations for coaching practice| Download PDF

Superhuman's Founder on How to Move Beyond Gamification | Watch video 

Session analysis | Download video

The Magic Academy

The Magic Academy focuses on helping coaches get better at what they do :

#craftcarecraic is their vision

Craft – helping coaches get better at the craft of coaching

Care – helping coaches understand how they can better at caring for their players, putting players at the centre of their coaching

Craic – have some fun coaching & make it fun for the players

Go to their website - - where they have a variety of resources to help grow and challenge coaches on how they do things.

You can also check out their podcast - The Magic Academy - and join their online sharing platform.

Additional support:

Upcoming webinars that are open for registration, as well as a content archive of relevant webinars hosted by other organisations are listed on our Online Support - Webinars hub.