The Green Prescription story of the Patelesio Family

12 November 2020
This year Sport Wellington's Green Prescription service delivery model transitioned to a more flexible approach, based on need, rather than ‘one size fits all’. By doing so, we ensure we are working to improve equitable health outcomes for Māori, Pasifika and those living in areas of high deprivation. Have a read of this success story from one of our families involved in the programme

With six children and one on the way, the Patelesio Family are a busy whānau to say the least. When they first joined Active Families, they expressed how the last few years had been quite tough due to personal issues which meant they hardly left their home outside of work and school. Fast forward to the end of their time on Active Families, and all of the kids are involved in team sports at their local clubs and schools, playing a wide variety such as basketball, softball, hockey, and more recently rugby. Rachel (mother) reflects “we always encourage our kids to try different sports so they can learn new skills and make new friends.” As well as the children’s involvement in extra-curricular activities, Rachel and her partner have been inspired to coach the kid’s softball team over the summer, making it a real family affair.

With such a busy household, time is very important to the Patelesio family. A perceived lack of time impacted their nutrition as well as quality time spent together as a family. Due to their busy schedule, they often ate on the go and opted for fast snacks and meals, which were not always the most nutritious. After a supermarket tour, and conversations around healthier options including simple meal and snack ideas, Rachel gained the confidence to get back in the kitchen. The kids now help with basic meal preparation and have a say in meal planning. “We are more aware of the foods we are eating, and the kids are learning the difference between sometimes foods versus everyday foods. Lately the kids have been trying new fruits and it helps when I cut it up into fun shapes for them as it is more appealing. The vouchers [gifted from Active Families] were super helpful and allowed us to buy other alternatives from the supermarket for the kids to try.”


Some life-long learnings and changes happened throughout their journey on Active Families. Rachel has seen a shift in the children’s energy and noticed they are more settled at home as they are burning lots of energy in their sports and at school. As a family they are more aware of the importance of healthy eating and physical activity and the positive impact it has on their mental health. It has been a pleasure watching the growth within the Patelesio family during their time on Active Families.


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