Like with any sector, there can be complexities for organisations operating in sport and active recreation that cannot be underestimated.

To understand what your organisation's legal needs are and how you can ensure you're ready for all eventualities, sport law specialists Gibson Sheat Lawyers are offering FREE, 30-minute no-obligation consultations for friends of Nuku Ora to help ensure you have all your legal bases covered. 

Proudly Wellington-based with offices across the region, Gibson Sheat Lawyers have been helping sport and recreation organisations with their questions, planning and resolving challenges for over 30 years. 

“The Wellington Phoenix and WELNIX have used Gibson Sheat Lawyers for around ten years. Nigel and his team are always on hand for a quick chat if we need it, and they keep our desired outcomes at the heart of their suggested solutions. Friendly, professional and welcoming, it’s great to have them on our team”

- David Dome, Wellington Phoenix

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Gibson Sheat can help you with: 



  • Constitution
  • Rules & regulations
  • Government & regulatory
  • Privacy

Employment & Volunteers

  •  Health and Safety
  • Contracts & agreements



  • Licensing
  • Ticketing contracts, terms & conditions
  • Venues, leases
  • Supplier agreements


Tech, IT & Media

  • Info & data
  • Data policies
  • Privacy
  • Marketing & Social Media
  • Terms & conditions (eg. Competitions)



  • Sponsorship & Funding
  • Intellectual Property
  • Disciplinary & Disputes

As well as being the legal counsel for Nuku Ora, Gibson Sheat’s other clients have included: Wellington Rugby, Wellington Phoenix, Special Olympics New Zealand, Recreation Aotearoa, Equestrian Sports New Zealand, Basketball New Zealand, Wellington Softball and Motorcycling New Zealand, as well as many regional associations and leading athletes.