Clubs and associations are constantly trying to increase membership, raise funds, attract and retain volunteers, develop coaches and officials and maintain good governance and financial management practices. Unfortunately, research shows that few clubs have taken the time to develop a planned approach to help achieve these goals.


Resources and guides for starting or managing a sport or recreation club. Created by Sport New Zealand topics covered include; health and safety for clubs, stakeholder communications plan, finding and keeping volunteers, marketing and communications, growing your club membership, sports rage tips.

Disability - Sport New Zealand

Information about disabilites, sport services and other resources.

Sport Compass

A free online tool designed by Sport New Zealand to help organisations survive and thrive. Use it like a regular compass, to find out what direction to take.

Sport NZ Insights Tool

Sport New Zealand's Community Sport Insights Tool is designed to help those operating in the sport and recreation sector to better understand their participants and plan for future demand.


LiteClub helps sports clubs to save money and reduce their environmental impact.