Be Collective is a volunteer management platform that provides a ‘marketplace’ for volunteer opportunities. The platform can also be used as a resource hub, a community engagement tool, and for event and volunteer management.

Nuku Ora is set up on the Be Collective hub as a parent account with the ability to onboard 'child' groups, such as Wellington Athletics, to create an ecosystem of volunteers and organisations and enable them to connect.  As the hub grows, it will help to increase the volunteer pool across codes, sectors and schools, increasing your reach and capacity.

For the volunteers, the platform provides all relevant information for the roles and opportunities provided, such as job descriptions, days/hours needed, location(s) etc. Being a volunteer through the Be Collective platform also enables the creation of a social CV to reflect a volunteer’s hours and skills. This also enables the organisation to provide rewards for hours worked (if you choose to set this up) e.g. a coffee voucher for every x number of hours volunteered.

We also encourage everyone to join our Nuku Ora group on Be Collective as an individual so that you can become part of our awesome volunteering community and stay up to date with what’s happening in this space. To do this you need to set up your personal Be Collective profile. You will be required to provide some personal details, but rest assured these details are held securely and are only visible to groups you specifically join on Be Collective.

Please contact Matthew Ruscoe, Community Development Lead – Workforce & Business Support Services via if you’re interested in establishing a group, or to find out more. 

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