Age and Stage Development

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Often as parents we want to know what our children should be able to do at different ages and stages. From movement skills to language skills, is what our child doing 'normal'? Remember that all children are different and will progress at different rates. We can't compare each child to one another as they all develop differently. What we can do is have a really good understanding of how children develop and the sorts of opportunities we should be offering them.

The importance of movement and its links to longer-term development

This document will help you to understand the importance of movement and the links to longer-term development (e.g. academic learning).

FMS Links to Academic Learning 

Critical periods for learning

There are some critical periods where children best learn certain skills. It is important we understand this.

 Critical periods 

Website links

Here is a useful website to use when looking at age and stage development including milestones and potential risk indicators.