Wairarapa Funding

Funds for the provision and support of community sport in the Wairarapa fall into four categories:

  1. Local Trusts
  2. Council Development Funds
  3. Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund for Junior Sports
  4. Gaming Trusts.

It needs noting that specific areas are served by specific gaming trusts, as qualified by the presence of each Trusts' machines in that area.

The Sport New Zealand directory of potential funding sources is a great resource to search for different approaches to funding specific projects.

Local Trusts

Eastern & Central Community Trust
The Eastern & Central Community Trust is an independent, charitable trust, and is open and accountable to its community. The Trust regularly donates money to community groups within its area; donations amount to around $5 million per annum.

The aim is to help these groups achieve the things they believe will make their communities a better place for all who live there. Donations are for charitable, cultural, philanthropic and recreational projects or services.

If a community group identifies a special need and shows a commitment to helping itself, it will receive consideration.

Robert Algie Memorial Sports Trust Inc.
The Robert Algie Memorial Sports Trust became established in 1990, two years after the talented young sportsman died.

The Trust has as its goal the 'promotion and support of sporting activity for people under the age of 20 years in the Wairarapa Region'.

Council Developmental Funds

South Wairarapa District Councils - Community Board Grants

Community Boards consider grant applications at their regular meetings. The criteria, including the maximum limits, are outlined in the application form. Council have a new Grants Policy and the criteria has changed. If you are seeking operational funding you will need to use the Partnership Funding Request Form.

Applications are due not less than 10 working days before the Board is due to meet.

SWDC grants

Greytown Community Board Grant Form

Featherston Community Board Grant Form

Martinborough Community Board Grant Form


Masterton District Council

Community groups are invited to apply for funding from the council’s Community Wellbeing Grant.
Masterton District Council Website

Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund for Junior Sports

Carterton District Council

There is one funding round per year held in February. Application forms and funding criteria are available by collection from the Carterton Events Centre, Holloway Street, Carterton or at https://cdc.govt.nz/your-district/community/community-funding/ 

South Wairarapa District Council

The Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund is open to South Wairarapa sports clubs and school teams with young people aged between 5 and 19 years who require subsidies to assist with transport expenses to local sporting competitions. The scheme is a partnership between Council and Sport NZ and was developed in response to concerns about the lack of participation in sport by young people living in rural communities.

Applications open in July.

Gaming Trusts in Wairarapa

New Zealand Racing Board is a Class 4 Operator that mainly applies net proceeds for its own Racing Authorised Purposes, either itself or through the codes (as defined in the Facing Act 2003). NZRB has determined that up to 20% of its net proceeds shall be distributed to its Sport's Authorised Purposes.

The Lion Foundation is one of New Zealand's oldest and most respected Charitable Trusts. Since 1988 they have returned over $850 million back to the community, supporting thousands of good causes all around New Zealand.

Trillion Trust is a New Zealand based charitable trust, incorporated in May 1999 under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. The Trust was formed to provide support to other New Zealand based charitable and not-for-profit organisations through grants for specific purposes that benefit the community.
The Trust currently has a venue in Carterton.

Trust House is a respected, licensed Class 4 Gaming foundation. Every year, we provide more than $3 million in community gaming proceeds to fund community events and organisations. Trust House is a community-owned company. Our aim is to enhance the wellbeing of people in our region, by funding local events and organisations and running great local businesses.

To view the list of local venues visit Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) 

If you require more information on funding please contact Nuku Ora info@nukuora.org.nz.