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12 August 2022

Regional Sector Update 12 August 2022

Whilst the winter chills don’t seem to be leaving our side, the lighter evenings are giving us a glimpse of the warmer months to come! At Nuku Ora our…

11 August 2022

Damage to Reputation in the Sporting Context

Defamation is the law that focuses on protecting and defending the reputation of someone who claims they have been falsely or unjustly attacked – thin…

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5 August 2022

Green Prescription August Newsletter

We are finally nearing the end of winter – which means the days are starting to get longer, and here is a hope of better weather on the way.

The Augu…

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29 July 2022

Regional Sector Update 29 July 2022

It's no secret that grant funding provides valuable resources for organisations to carry out projects and provide services they would otherwise not be…