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starting sport
8 May 2020

Alert Levels and Health & Safety - Webinar

In partnership with Gibson Sheat, Sport Wellington hosted Richard Gordon for a…

7 May 2020

Secondary School Connect - May 7 2020

On Thursday 7 May, we hosted the first of our regular Secondary…

HR Webinar
30 April 2020

Coaching through COVID-19 - Webinar 1

This webinar featured three coaches from the Wellington region sharing how they…

legal v2
30 April 2020

Regional HR Support with Gibson Sheat - Webinar

In partnership with Gibson Sheat, Sport Wellington hosted Richard Gordon for our…

RTB 2020
3 March 2020

Thousands get active around Wellington's waterfront

Way to go Wellington! 13,657 participants came out on Sunday 16 Feb to run, walk,…

Lets Grow Sporting Girls
24 February 2020

Let's grow active girls!

Grow- Develop- Success-Love Sport!

Over the past few years, Chilton St James School…

vacancy holder
24 February 2020

Meet our Healthy Active Learning team

Healthy Active Learning is a collaborative joint agency wellbeing initiative between Sport…

athlete development banner image v2
24 February 2020

Youth Sport Development: How all the initiatives work

It is an exciting time for youth sport development with a real…

Run and Become 3
24 February 2020

Run and Become

What is Run and become?  This year Sport Wellington was proud to incorporate…

Cardinal McKeefry School
24 February 2020

Cardinal McKeefry School Shares Physical Literacy Message with Parents

Cardinal McKeefry School has been using the SportStart resource to teach PE since it was made…

Spin Poi article2 v2
20 February 2020

How poi can improve your health

Poi exercise has been proven to significantly improve balance, attention, and grip…

Councillor Laurie Foon supporting waste minimisation at BFS RTB 2020 v2
6 January 2020

Round the Bays Leads Race to Reduce Waste

Sport Wellington has received seed funding from Wellington City Council in support…

Mark C4C v2
16 December 2019

Pilot looks at importance of communication in coaching for character

As a coach, what you talk about reveals what’s important to you.…

Women in Sport Leadership 2019
16 December 2019

The End of the Start of Our Leadership Journey: Wahine Toa Women in Sport Leadership 2019

Over the past six months, 14 women from New Zealand’s Sport and…

Aspiring Leaders Programme Mana College
16 December 2019

A Story of Aspiring Leaders

In sports we hear Cinderella stories of competitors who achieve far greater…

PALs Run and Become
13 December 2019

Run and Become supports schools to participate in Brendan Foot Supersite Round the Bays

The Run and Become Project is a KiwiSport-funded initiative providing free entry for…

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6 December 2019

Meet Mereana

Mereana joined Green Prescription after a referral from her GP. This is…

vacancy holder v2
4 December 2019

New faces in the Healthy Lifestyles Team

It's an exciting time in the Healthy Lifestyles Team with three new…

club sport
26 November 2019

So what is the role (and future) of the traditional sports body and club?

Written by Svend Elkjaer - Director, Sports Marketing Network

Across many Western countries,…

23 November 2019

How does play impact the brain?

Sarah Best from the Brainwave Trust recently shared research on why and…