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As Sports Parents, we are all doing our best to support our children in their sporting lives. Trying to find expert information on the best way to support them can be a challenging experience, so it is fantastic that Sport NZ have put together the Balance is Better website with lots of information for parents, coaches and sports administrators.

Nuku Ora has picked a number of resources from the website as well as resources from other websites that we feel will best support you on your sports parenting journey. The resources have been organised and split into sections so you are able to utilise the most relevant section to you as a parent at a particular time.

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Powering up our Whānau

Incorporating the principles of Balance is Better and Good Sports Wellington Region, powering up our whānau aims to raise awareness on the role of adults and their behaviour to help young people reach their full potential through participation in sport.

We recognise that the sporting environment has the potential to change a young person’s perspective on being active and that a significant barrier for our young people enjoying sport can be the behaviour of parents, caregivers, coaches and players, on the sideline and in the game.
By supporting parents, caregivers, coaches and officials to understand the value of positivity and advocate for volunteers, we can help make sport a place we all want to be. Let's stand up and help our parents and adult influencers make sport a place we all want to be. At its best, sport is a source of fun, friendship and development.

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Balanced Female Health 

Sport NZ recognises that female-specific needs in community sport are unique.  As coaches, parents, instructors and administrators, understanding female health is critical to being able to respond and provide support for young people to be active in ways that boost their wellbeing. 

Balanced Female Health is a new resource for adults supporting young people in community sport. Developed by health professionals working in the sport sector, this resource covers changes throughout female puberty, the menstrual cycle, and factors that impact the physical health and mental wellbeing of all young people. 

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If you would like to know more please contact Nuku Ora's Community Development Lead - Play & Parent Education, Marie Kinloch on

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The Good Sports Spine is a sense-making tool to help adults understand how they impact children's sport experiences. 

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