Active NZ Survey

The Active NZ survey measures nationwide participation in play, active recreation and sport. The survey is sent to a sample of New Zealanders on the electoral roll through our research partner, Nielsen.

Following on from the redesign in 2017, this is the third year of data collection and the beginning of a new time series on participation in play, active recreation and sport for New Zealanders aged 5+. The 2019 results are based on data collected from almost 27 000 children, young people and adults between 5 January 2019 and 4 January 2020.  Changes over time are based on data collected between 5 January 2017 and 4 January 2020 from over 90 000 children, young people and adults. Read the 2019 report

Regional data from 2017; Wellington region is extremely active! 96% of Young People (5-17 years) participate in 10.4 hours of sport and active recreation per week, in an average number of 5.2 activities per week. 77% of Adults (18+) participate in 5.4 hours of sport and active recreation per week, in an average number of 2.4 activities


The Value of Sport

Sport NZ have explored the value of sport to New Zealanders, their communities, and our country, with the following conclusion: Sport and active recreation creates happier, healthier people, better-connected communities and a stronger New Zealand. The Value of Sport is based on extensive research, including a survey of around 2,000 New Zealanders and a review of previous studies from here and around the world.

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Insights Tool

The Sport NZ Insights Tool is an interactive online resource and repository of information and data, designed to be used by anyone involved in the play, active recreation and sport sector to help guide decision making.

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Research confirms physical activity has a positive impact on mental wellbeing

Research by Sport New Zealand has shown that physically active Kiwis are more likely to have good mental health. People who do 2.5 hours of physical activity each week are 51% more likely to experience healthy mental well-being than those who don't. Additional mental health benefits occur as the hours, duration and intensity of recreational activity increases - from two to three days (24%), four days (18%) and five days (13%) per week.

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Kiwis' participation in cultural and recreational activities

Stats NZ Tatuaranga Aotearoa have explored how many adult New Zealanders participate in cultural and recreational activities, what kinds of activities they engage in, and some broad characteristics of those who participate. They also look into the different types of groups, clubs and organisations that Kiwis belong to.

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