2023 Disability Sports Programme

We want everyone to have a life-long involvement and sport and active recreation. Below are some fantastic organisations and resources that help to ensure that for people with disabilities this can happen.

Want to find out more? Below is more information and contact details for the associated organisations. 



dsport (previously known as Parafed Wellington) is a charity managed by a board of elected volunteers.

"Our vision is for Wellington to be a diverse and inclusive region."

dsport is underpinned by the principles of inspire, enable, achieve.

They inspire disabled people to believe in themselves. To aspire to being involved in sport and active recreation. To dream.

"We enable disabled people to get into sport and active recreation. We don’t believe in can’t. Rather how can we. How can we make this fun and make this work? We persevere and we build strength collectively."

But more importantly, their members achieve. They overcome adversity, find work-arounds and creative solutions to achieve. And for some, they will achieve their dreams.


Catriona McBean catriona@dsport.nz

04 387 9640 



Halberg Disability Sports Foundation

The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation's Vision is to help build a society in which all New Zealanders have equal opportunity to participate in sport and recreation - with No Exceptions.

The Foundation's Mission is to enhance the lives of physically disabled New Zealanders by enabling them to participate in sport and recreation.

Halberg AllSports is the Foundation's community programme that provides sport and recreation opportunities for physically disabled young people. More information about Halberg programmes can be found at - www.halberg.co.nz

The Halberg Foundation Activity Fund provides grants to physically disabled young people (aged 5-21) to enable them to participate in sport and recreation by reducing financial barriers. The fund accepts applications made by, or on behalf of, individual physically disabled young people. Open this pdf for more information: Halberg Activity Fund flyer 


Celia O'Driscoll celia@halberg.co.nz

(04) 560 0398


Paralympics New Zealand

Paralympics New Zealand logo

Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) is the National Paralympic Committee (NPC) for New Zealand and are a charity and with the overall vision of ‘Excellence & Equity through Sport’.

As a member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), PNZ are part of a worldwide social change movement, which uses the power of sport to positively influence community perceptions of disabled people and to promote a more diverse and inclusive society.

To do this, PNZ supports and celebrates the achievements of Para athletes at international and national competitions all year round. Every two years, PNZ leads New Zealand teams to the Paralympic Games.

PNZ also works in the local community to advocate for sport to become more accessible for disabled people and to support the creation of more systems and programmes to enable participation in Para sport.



Blind Sport New Zealand (BSNZ)

BSNZ is New Zealands National Sporting Organisation (NSO) for blind sport, and is recognised by Sport NZ and Government as a leader int he support and provision of sport and recreation opportunities to New Zealands blind and visually impaired community.  NSNZ works closely with Paralympics New Zealand (PNZ) to provide opportunities for blind and visially impaired atheltes to compete at national and/or international events, while driving growth in participation across sport and recreation activities in the community.

Contact: Daniel Shepherd

021 410 384


Deaf Sports NZ

Deaf Sports New Zealand (DSNZ) was established in 1963 and is the only national organisation which is responsible for sports raising the profile of Deaf sports in New Zealand.  The organisation is an affiliated member of the International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (formerly CISS) and has several Associate Members being National Deaf Sports Associations, which host their own Open Championship events.  the New Zealand Def games is the largest part of the DSNZ sporting calendar.

Contact: Andries van Zyl, Central Zone Contact


Wellington Deaf Society, 32 Marion St, Te Aro, Wellington

Clubrooms are open Fridays from 7pm   gen@wds.org.nz


Special Olympics NZ

Special Olympics New Zealand is first and foremost a sports organisation for people with an intellectual disability, but provides athletes with far more than the physical benefits of sport.  Special Olympics NZ offers a year-round programme of sports training and competition for children and adults with an intellectual disability.  More than 7000 athletes throughout NZ participate in 13 different Olympic-type summer and winter sports.  More information can be found at - www.specialolympics.org.nz

Contact: Lower North Island

Jemma Drake jemmad@specialolympics.org.nz 027 555 1944

Tristen Mathieson tristenm@specialolympics.org.nz 027 447 7074



Achilles NZ

Achilles International is a worldwide organisation whose mission is to enable people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream athletics, promote personal achievement, and enhance self-esteem and lower barriers. 

Achilles International NZ provides New Zealanders with disabilities the opportunity to participate alongside able-bodied athletes in local mainstream events like the Taupo Half Marathon, the Auckland, Christchurch & Wellington Marathons (and more), as well as the high-profile international New York Marathon.

Contact:  Naomie Lye