Business Support Services offers a range of expert consultancy and resources at affordable cost in key back-office areas. Streamline your core administration functions and focus on what really matters by:

  • Accessing expert advice through responsive, experienced professionals
  • Cross checking with externals to mitigate organisational risk
  • Reducing reliance on volunteers
  • Decreasing internal workloads
  • Sharing best practice processes and streamlining systems
  • Increasing efficiency and quality of back-office work

Our Business Support Services currently include Human Resources, Legal, and Discounted goods and services through n3. 

The Business Support Services have been designed in collaboration with regional stakeholders and are tailored to each organisation's specific needs, at affordable prices. They are available to all physical activity providers across the region. For more information or to register your interest, email us

Thank you to NZCT and Four Winds Foundation for their support of the establishment of these services.


Human Resources

We connect you with expert advice on policy, recruitment and restructuring, leave queries, and performance issues. To get started, you can choose to sign up for an HR Health Check to ensure you’re set up to meet your obligations appropriately.



Who can you turn to when you need to check a contract or get a practical, easy to understand legal opinion? Gibson Sheat are sports law specialists offering our network preferential rates and a FREE no-obligation initial consultation to discuss your needs.


Discounted Goods and Services

Want to save money the easy way? Access the discounts available through n3. 

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