We identified that our previous name did not accurately reflect the purpose of our organisation, the scope of people and partners we work with, and the mahi we do every day to ensure that everyone has equitable opportunities to be active, healthy, and happy.

We have been working in the health, sport and recreation space for over twenty years but because our name has always been Sport Wellington, many of our stakeholders and community have perceived our focus, indeed our sole focus, to be sport.

Sport is important to the wellbeing of the region and will remain a key component of our work; but its not the answer for everyone. Our communities are telling us they need more diverse ways to be physically active; they are looking for opportunities through active recreation, active transport, play and sport. Each of these have a role to play in improving the wellbeing of communities in this region.

We needed an identity that removed any barriers to building relationships with partners and communities in all the sectors we operate in. We needed an identity that all our staff could proudly wear on their t-shirts, no matter who they’re working with or what they’re doing.

While for some people it might just be a ‘name change’, for us this process has been about creating a unifying identity for the organisation. Something that truly reflects the outcomes we want to achieve, and the work each of our staff do every day.

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