At Nuku Ora we know that a common challenge facing our sector today is ensuring there are enough willing and able volunteers to resource the many aspects of what it takes to be successful. Having a planned, coordinated approach in managing your volunteers can make it easier. At the bottom of this page, you'll find links to resources to help you with volunteerism best-practice, including how to develop strong volunteer cultures.

Be Collective

As of 1 September 2022, Nuku Ora is excited to launch our use of the Be Collective volunteer management platform to help the physical activity sector in the wider Wellington region recruit, engage and manage volunteers.

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Research and Planning Resources

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Recruitment Resources

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Developing Culture Resources

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Recognition Resources

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Acknowledging volunteers

People often volunteer because they want to make a difference. By understanding that difference you can tell a story which becomes a powerful and meaningful acknowledgement of their volunteer work.

Best practice now tells us that volunteers like to hear what impact they have made – on people, the organization and the sport. Numbers of hours and length of service are part of the picture, but nowhere near all.

What is vital to keeping volunteers is expressing to them the difference they have made through their work. By telling a story about it, you’ll not only be showing your volunteers how they are appreciated, which will lead to better retention, but you’ll also be able to use these stories in your recruitment.

The video below is an in-depth story about the journey of a netball volunteer Bubs Reweit.

Volunteering for Round the Bays

Round the Bays relies on significant contributions of volunteers across a wide range of roles. Nuku Ora truly values the work of these volunteers and promotes the importance of volunteerism across the sport sector. For Tim Berry it enabled him to gain a new perspective by being behind the scenes and seeing the event come together. “It gave me an awesome insight into the amount of organisation that goes into pulling off a fantastic local event that encourages people to get active!”

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