Healthy Active Learning

Healthy Active Learning is a joint government initiative between Sport New Zealand and the Ministries of Health and Education to improve the wellbeing of tamariki through healthy eating, drinking and quality physical activity. This is driven by a $47m Government commitment to the Child and Youth Wellbeing Strategy.

The Team

The Healthy Active Team at Nuku Ora consists of one Manager, three Advisors and two Community Connectors. We work with school leaders and teachers to support the provision of play, sport and physical education. We take a needs-based approach and aim to build upon good existing practice and upskill teachers to be more competent and confident in delivering high-quality physical activity experiences.

The following are some examples of the support that the team offers to schools and kura:

  • Co-teach with syndicates and individual teachers to model good practice and offer hands-on development
  • Deliver PLD to all staff based on the needs of each school
  • Applying the underlying concepts of Physical Education to physical activity delivery in school e.g. Hauora and Te Whare Tapa Whā
  • Improving teacher’s knowledge and application of the HPE curriculum
  • Forward planning to integrate quality physical activity as part of the school’s strategic plan
  • Making links between HPE delivery and school values
  • Integrating PE across other curricular subjects
  • Help strengthen connections with the wider community, including whānau and engaging more volunteers
  • Playground activity mapping
  • Student voice collection
  • PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) training for senior students


Healthy Active Learning Success Stories


Healthy Active Learning Updates and Support Ideas


Funding options for schools

We have put together a document showing all the funders that schools can apply to in the Greater Wellington region. Separated into regions, the list identifies funders in your area and provides all the relevant details you need to know before applying. Click here to take you to the funding page.

Te Whare Tapa Whā activities at home

View the resource

Mapping Tools and Directories

Schools can use our Community Maps and External Provider Directories to benefit the wider school environment by:

  • Knowing the local facilities and parks/playgrounds in the school area and planning for EOTC or activities outside of the school grounds.
  • Help with meeting the requirements around Strand D: Healthy Communities and Environments.
  • Schools’ engagement with local clubs - having a quick link guide without doing all of the research yourself.
  • Sharing information from the map with whānau and students about the closest club they are interested in or if they want to know what activities their children could get involved in.
  • Sharing the map with new whānau to the area so they can get a good sense of the land's layout within their community.
  • Show to whānau at community evenings- letting them know what’s out there.

VIEW THE COMMUNITY MAPS and directories 

For more information about Healthy Active Learning head to the Sport NZ website. If you have any questions for our Healthy Active Learning Team, please e-mail Pembroke Chambers - Healthy Active Learning Manager at