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Nuku Ora has a dedicated team working across health, education, active recreation and play The staff are under the management of the Chief Executive Officer, Phil Gibbons and General Managers; Business, Allison Yannakis, Delivery (maternity cover), Matt Claridge, and Partnerships Michelle Hayward.

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(The list below is in alphabetical order by first name, alternatively, you can search by team).

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Adelaide Gwynne

Healthy Active Learning Community Connector
alexandria johnson profile

Alex Johnson

Executive Assistant to CEO
allison yannakis profile

Allison Yannakis

General Manager - Business
amanda rasch profile

Amanda Rasch

Programme Advisor – Hutt Valley and Wairarapa

04 380 2070 ext 253 or 022 654 5595

ashley baker profile

Ashleigh Baker

General Manager - Delivery - on maternity leave

04 380 2070 ext 217 or 022 098 2134

campbell clark profile

Campbell Clark

Community Development Lead - Older People

04 380 2070 ext 218 or 022 438 3254

daniel grubner profile

Daniel Grubner

IT & Systems Support Advisor

04 380 2070 or 027 589 0230

darren houston profile

Darren Houston

Healthy Active Learning Advisor
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Dayle Clarkson

Partnership Manager - Wairarapa and Iwi
ella pudney profile

Ella Pudney

Community Development Advisor - Participation Development Opportunities
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Emma Main

Communications and Marketing Advisors
Staff photos

Fuamai Moeka'a

Programme Advisor – Hutt Valley & Wairarapa
george mcdougall profile

George McDougall

Insights and Evaluation Advisor
georgia irving profile

Georgia Irving

Programme Advisor – Hutt Valley and Wairarapa
hanna baird herron profile v2

Hanna Baird-Herron

Administration Advisor

04 380 2070 or 021 197 8123

helen anderton profile

Helen Anderton

Programme Advisor – Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti
hoani siueva profile

Hoani Siueva

Programme Advisor – Hutt Valley and Wairarapa

04 380 2070 ext 267 or 022 618 8002

jazz scott profile

Jazz Scott

Healthy Active Learning Advisor
julie moularde profile

Julie Moularde

Insights and Evaluation Manager - on maternity leave

027 956 0275

kate mccartney profile

Kate McCartney

Regional Programme Manager – Hutt Valley and Wairarapa

04 380 2070 ext 225 or 021 650 107

kerewai tatana profile

Kerewai Tatana

Programme Advisor – Wairarapa

06 370 0157 ext 706 / 022 010 4077

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Kirsten Kilmister

Partnership Manager - Commercial Development
leoni mckelvey profile

Leoni McKelvey

Insights and Evaluation Manager
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Lita Amato

Programme Advisor – Wellington, Porirua, and Kāpiti
mandy garrett profile

Mandy Garrett

Finance Administrator
marie kinloch profile

Marie Kinloch

Community Development Advisor
matt claridge profile

Matt Claridge

General Manager - Delivery
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Meaghan Wilby

Communications and Marketing Lead
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Michelle Hayward

General Manager - Partnerships

04 380 2070 ext 259 or 021 865 501

miett fear profile

Miett Fear

Central Support Manager
nicole hawea profile

Nicole Hawea

Programme Advisor – Wellington, Porirua, and Kāpiti
nicky sheriff profile

Nicky Sherriff

Regional Planning & Development Manager

04 380 2070 ext 251 or 022 657 2201

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Paddy Pierce

Event Director
paul abbott profile

Paul Abbott

Finance and Administration Manager
pembroke chambers profile

Pembroke Chambers

Healthy Active Learning Manager
phil gibbons profile

Phil Gibbons

Chief Executive
rosa bach profile

Rosa Bach

Communications and Marketing Advisor
sega elise profile

Sega Elise

Programme Advisor – Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti
shona bunny profile

Shona Bunny

Programme Coordinator

06 370 0157 ext 700 or 022 478 7077

tania bartley profile

Tania Bartley

Healthy Active Learning Community Connector
tiana collins profile

Tiana Collins

Programme Advisor – Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti
tim mannix profile

Tim Mannix

Community Development Advisor - Coaching

04 380 2070 ext 243

toshy rapana profile

Toshy Rapana

Regional Programme Manager – Wellington, Porirua and Kāpiti
zak brown profile

Zak Brown

Healthy Active Learning Advisor

020 4025 7274