Hydration Station Hire

We want water to be the first drink of choice at all of our activities and events around the Wellington region. Thanks to the Wellington Dental Association, Nuku Ora has a portable water station for hire! This is available FREE of charge to any school and community events. There are several other hydration stations around the region for hire too, view the locations and contact details below. 

Hydration Station hire list

Enquire booking for your event!

Enquire NOW

Email Darren Houston at: darrenh@nukuroa.org.nz

 Hydration station specifications 

Product Features

  • 1300mm height
  • Interchangeable branding panels
  • Durable bag for unit and accessories
  • Drainage system eliminates standing water
  • Stand alone unit or interconnect multiple units
  • Bottle rest / single handed use
  • Heavy duty chassis and internal frame
  • Wheelchair Accessibility – Designed with DDA features
  • One-hand bottle refill
  • Anti-bacterial nozzles
  • Dual sided

How to setup the station