Please review the information below for projects / programmes delivering in a School / Kura setting.

In schools and kura, projects or activities might occur:

  • Outside of class time (breaks or before and after school)
  • In class time, where only the school personnel are involved
  • In class time where external providers or organisations may also be involved.


Applications for projects in the first two examples just need to complete the application form in the same way it is completed in any other setting. A school or a provider could apply in the first example and a school would apply in the second example.

In example 3, where the project occurs during class time, and involves external people, providers or organisations, there is an additional step in the application process. This involves completion of the 'Implementation in a school / kura setting’, document which confirms consideration and discussion has taken place about how the school and provider will work together to succeed in meeting what the school / kura is trying to achieve for their ākonga. The reason for this is to ensure that Tū Manawa funding is not used to replace the role of the teacher or kaiako and / or curriculum teaching and learning, but instead, to enhance and support the learning aims which are identified by the school / kura.

If a project involves many schools, one school could take the lead; however the ‘Implementation in a school / kura setting’ document needs to be signed by all schools or kura involved. These applications need to be completed by the school, or by the school in partnership with the provider. A provider cannot apply without the schools' involvement.

In school/Kura setting form


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