Strategic vision, outcome and purpose

Strategy 2032 is a 12-year strategic plan that emphasises equitable and quality opportunities for all. This strategy enables Nuku Ora to bring our purpose to life so that everyone has the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of physical activity – whether that’s through sport, active recreation, play, or active transport.

Our purpose, Transforming lives in the Wellington region, is grounded in the belief that physical activity has the power to transform lives and is therefore fundamental to our region’s wellbeing.

We know that access to physical activity is not equitable and that there are some communities across the region who face a range of different barriers to participating and therefore do not get to experience all the benefits of being active.

Why Hauora?

Hauora recognises a multidimensional approach to health and wellbeing. This vision recognises that while we highlight the importance of physical activity and seek to encourage active lifestyles, in doing so we must consider the need for a holistic and equitable approach that incorporates Physical Wellbeing; Mental and Emotional Wellbeing; Social Wellbeing – family, community and Spiritual Wellbeing.

What is new about Strategy 2032? 

We have been working in the health, sport and recreation space for over twenty years. With Strategy 2032, how we work in this space, what we do, and who we work with will look different.

Our communities have told us that they are looking for opportunities to be active through active recreation, active transport, play and sport.

What does Strategy 2032 mean for you?

Over the next 12 years you will see a future oriented Nuku Ora that makes evidence-based decisions, shares knowledge, and supports and empowers others.

We are committed to ensuring that everyone in the Wellington region has the right to be physically active within an inclusive environment, and to be treated with respect and empathy.

We will take a regional view, recognising community differences while developing our connections and partnerships. We will look to collaborate, and we will be fierce advocates for inclusion and diversity – working hard so that no one misses out.

You can expect to see Leadership and Advocacy, Delivery, and Partnering from us as we work towards our 12-year strategic outcome of Improved wellbeing through increased physical activity.

Strategic priorities 2020-2024

Although our new strategy looks towards 2032, we will focus on three four-year blocks so we can be agile and able to adjust to the changing needs of our communities.

We have identified three strategic priorities to focus on for the first four years and will be working with priority populations – those who research and insights identify as having barriers to being active.

We know that physical activity rates are in decline and that inequity is causing the gap between active and inactive populations to widen.