In this section you will find links to resources, websites and articles that will help you gain more understanding around movement, play, physical activity and the importance of it for children’s (aged 0-12 years)  development.

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PALs resource

Physical Literacy

Here are two great videos explaining Physical Literacy:

Sport Wales:

Watch the video

Canadian Sport…

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Sport New Zealand's Physical Literacy Approach

The Sport NZ physical literacy approach takes a holistic view of the…

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Physical Literacy - Sport Wales

Sport Wales is quite a way down the path to developing a…

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Raising Children

The New Zealand Government in partnership with a number of organisations have…


Lets See How the Adults like It!

A group of adults get to experience what it is like to…

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More Play, Less Classroom

For years we’ve been hearing that many schools have cut back —…

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Should I let my child take risks?

We came across this great article written by a self-confessed over-protective mother.…

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The importance of Risky Play for Children's Development

“Risky play is a form of play that is thrilling and involves…