With the current changing, challenging, and complex environment we’re all operating under, supporting our leaders and the capability and capacity of the sport and recreation sectors, is more important than ever.

Enabling a leadership development culture

Transitioning to a new leadership context is a period of both excitement and risk. As leaders change roles or contexts they must learn to behave differently. They may have to use old skills in a new way and acquire new knowledge about leadership in order to deliver on the priorities and expectations of the new role. 

A key focus of the Leadership Development System and programmes like Leading Leaders is accelerating how quickly leaders become effective when they transition to a new leadership context.

The Leadership Framework for Sport and Recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand

Leading Leaders is anchored in the Puna Leadership Framework for Sport and Recreation in Aotearoa New Zealand and is highly relevant to leading in the non-profit and community settings.  

The development of the Leadership Framework was co-led by Sport NZ and Sport Wellington (now known as Nuku Ora), with strategic leadership provided by a Governance Group. More than 1,500 people who work and volunteer in sport, recreation, and community organisations contributed their leadership experiences, observations and aspirations.

Leadership Framework

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The Leadership Development System (LDS)

The LDS recognises that an interconnected network of leadership development opportunities is needed to result in increased leadership capability and a culture of leadership development across the sport and recreation sectors.

The underpinning philosophy of the LDS is that:

  • Leadership is everyone's responsibility and is not necessarily tied to a title or specific role. Therefore everyone who works and volunteers in sport and recreation needs to bring leadership to how they perform their role.
  • Leaders develop other leaders, in both formal and informal settings.
  • Leadership development is an ongoing process. Leadership programmes must be supported by other systems, structures and processes to embed learning and sustain development.

Leadership Development System

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