Green Prescription Newsletter March 2024

8 March 2024
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A big welcome back to Green Prescription for 2024! We hope your summer holidays were rejuvenating, giving you a chance to reflect on your 2023 achievements! We are excited to embark on another year of taking small steps towards your health and wellbeing goals.

Take advantage of the extended daylight and warm evenings to enjoy some movement outdoors. Wellington is surrounded by stunning walking trails, making it the perfect time to explore.

In this newsletter, we introduce you to two new team members, celebrate the 12-year anniversary of one of our kaimahi Sega, road to Southern Cross Round the Bays, community connections at various events, community updates and happenings, our team out and about - Rata street loop walk, and we finish it off with a delicious stuffed zucchini recipe created by one of our programme advisors.