Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for the May-August 2023 programme 


Programme fees are due on the 20th of the month following the invoice date(s).  

If paying in instalments, a deposit of $500+GST will be required upon registration. The first instalment will be due in May and the final programme fee must be paid in full by 20 August 2023 (the Due Date) unless Nuku Ora and the participant have agreed otherwise.   


Nuku Ora reserves the right to cancel the programme prior to commencement and will endeavour to provide as much notice as possible. Upon cancellation, any fees already paid by the participant will be refunded.  

Partial Cancellation 

If, for reasons beyond Nuku Ora’s control, the programme needs to be cancelled at any stage after the programme has commenced, participants will be given a refund pro-rated based on how much of the programme has already been delivered.  


Participants are allowed to defer to another programme that is taking place within 24 months, provided they notify Nuku Ora in writing no less than three weeks before the programme starting.   


Consideration may be given to a replacement with an alternative candidate. Substitution depends on factors including, notice being given to Nuku Ora in writing, an appropriate candidate (criteria to be discussed), and sufficient time for pre-work to be completed. Substitution can’t occur once the first residential has taken place.  


As Nuku Ora incurs costs prior to the programme, the following policy applies to participant withdrawal. If the participant withdraws:  

  • Before the Deeper Signals Assessment has been conducted – full refund less 10% admin fee  
  • After the Deeper Signals and feedback has been conducted – refund less $350  
  • After the first residential – refund less $1,000   
  • At any other time during the programme – no refund (unless special circumstances apply. This is at Nuku Ora’s discretion).   

Travel interruption 

If a participant’s travel arrangements are interrupted and the participant is unable to attend a residential, a fee of $315+GST will apply to cover the cost of administration and catering that will still be incurred at late notice.   


If you are unable to attend the programme’s residentials because of nationally or regionally imposed Covid-19 related restrictions, we will transfer you to a future programme at no cost. If the dates of future programmes aren’t suitable, a refund will be provided (pro-rated based on how much of the programme has already been delivered).  

Intellectual Property 

Unless otherwise agreed, Nuku Ora retains ownership of the intellectual property of all documents and materials associated with the programme, excluding the Sport New Zealand Leaders Framework content.  


Nuku Ora reserves the right at our discretion to vary the Programme schedule at no less than 48 hours prior notice.   

Privacy of Information 

During the course of the Programme Nuku Ora will collect your personal information. We will treat all information we hold about you as private and confidential. We will not use or share your personal information unless you agree or ask us to, or the law requires us to do so.   

You have the right of access to such information, and to correct it by applying in writing via email to: info@nukuora.org.nz or post to: 1/223 Thorndon Quay, Thorndon, Wellington. 

Dispute Resolution 

If any dispute arises during the course of the Programme the parties shall first meet to attempt to resolve the dispute. In the event the dispute is not resolved through negotiation then the parties must attend mediation in good faith to resolve that dispute.   

Acceptance of terms and conditions  

By submitting the application, I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions. Upon registration, I/my organisation will be bound by these terms and conditions.